Academy for Living in Harmony

Louisville Mindfulness MeditationWelcome


Do you want to explore your spiritual path?  Are you contemplating your meaning and purpose?  Do you have a deep desire to respond to the suffering in the world and of the planet? 

What is the Academy for Living in Harmony?

The Academy is a two-year transformative learning program for personal enrichment.  Through a holistic curriculum of non-credit courses, workshops, and small-group formation process, you will grow in the wisdom and knowledge you need to live an integrated life and be empowered to address the spiritual, social and environmental challenges facing humanity today.

The Academy curriculum covers three main areas.  First, you will learn the theory and practice of meditation and other spiritual tools to enhance your spiritual life. Second, you will cultivate an open heart by exploring social issues that are facing our human family today. Third, you will expand your consciousness and learn how to develop a rapport with the natural world. 

What is special about the Academy for Living in Harmony?  What do you get in the Academy that you can’t get elsewhere? 

In addition to an exciting array of courses and workshops in three major curriculum modules of Meditation and Spirituality, Earth Literacy, and Social Compassion, the Academy provides a unique formation process that accompanies each module, which offers an opportunity for a much deeper level of engagement with the content of the Academy courses.  Participants build a supportive community with each other, cultivate self-knowledge through group spiritual direction and vocational discernment practices, and experience how others are addressing the spiritual, social, and environmental challenges in our community.  

After completion of the Academy, participants will receive a certificate of completion as well as an optional one-on-one mentoring session with one of the faculty members in the Academy for Living in Harmony.  In addition, graduates of the Academy will have the opportunity to participate in a closing celebration and gathering in June.


Who are the faculty? 

The core faculty of the Academy for Living and Harmony are some of the leading experts and teachers in the fields of Meditation/Spirituality, Social Compassion, and Earth Literacy in the Louisville area.  For faculty biographies and expertise, please visit our faculty page.


How do I enroll?

The Academy is open to spiritual seekers from all faith traditions (or no tradition).  While we encourage you to take all components of a module in one term and to complete the modules sequentially, you may register for each course, workshop, or formation seminar individually, as your schedule permits.  You will receive a certificate of accomplishment after completing all of the Academy’s curricular components.  All courses are on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here to register for the Academy today!


What is the program cost?

Courses within the Academy have individual course registration fees.  Payment will be due upon registration for each course. Moyen rapide pour acheter viagra, levitra ou cialis en ligne en toute securité livraison rapide en France. Tous vos medicaments certifiés, acheter cialis generique,viagra generique pas cher sans ordonnance.