Children of the Earth Donation

2018 Spring Fund Drive

Caring for Children of the Earth


Earth Day is April 22. During this time of the year in which we recall our connection to the Earth, we want to celebrate and support all of Earth's children. Since 2010, students from the Earth & Spirit Center have contributed over $75,000 to help needy children in the U.S. and Africa. Through our connection with the international Passionist community we have been providing education to children in Kenya. In our own community of Louisville, we have been helping low-income children attend our Camp Nature Odyssey summer camp. Through any one of four programs, you can support the children of Earth who most need help to improve their quality of life.


Together we can make a difference.


Please consider partnering with us by making a gift to support a scholarship for the Summer Kids Camp or a gift to the one of the initiatives in Kenya. A donation of whatever size fits your budget makes a difference. The return on your investment will be significant! Dollars given to Africa go a long way. Plus, it can be tax deductible. We promise that 100% of whatever you contribute goes directly to your stated intention.


Meditation Children
Passionist Orphanage in Tonga 

Care for Abandoned Children

The Passionist orphanage in the remote Kenyan village of Tonga was founded just a few years ago to care for children who have lost their parents to AIDS, are living in extreme poverty, or have been abandoned. It is home for 33 children ranging in age from 4 to 15 years, including some sibling groups. Boys and girls live in separate dormitories but attend the local school together. The needs of the orphanage are great. Over 500 children have applied. Plans are underway to improve and expand the facilities. With a donation of $500 you can "adopt" a child for one year, covering all their expenses. You will also be helping the orphanage feed, educate, and improve the lives of more children.

  • $500 provides an orphaned child's food, lodging and educational expenses for one year.

  • $250 provides for half of a child's needs for one year.




           Meditation ChildrenHope Scholarship

Provide College Grants to Gifted Disadvantaged Students in Kenya


Every year, our partner Passionists in Kenya identify promising local secondary students who aspire to become professionals - teachers, nurses, doctors, political leaders, engineers - but whose families cannot afford college tuition and fees. The Hope Scholarship Fund of Kenya provides financial assistance to fund a student throughout four years of college. The most promising students with the greatest financial need are selected through an application process. Through this scholarship fund you can change the course of a young person's life forever.

  • $1000 - Visionary

  • $500 - Patron

  • $250 - Sponsor

  • $100 - Supporter

  • $50 - Friend



Nairobi Student Fund      Children of Earth Meditation

Offer Familiy Assistance

Three times each year, before school semesters begin, mothers line up outside the Passionist Retreat House in Nairobi, Kenya, seeking money to help with their children's tuition fees, school supplies and uniforms. The Passionist priests carefully screen each request. Hundreds of children are helped annually through these small monetary handouts made at the door. A small gift of $10, $20 or $50 can go a long way to preserve a family's dignity and recognize their ability to help themselves when given the appropriate resources.





Children Camp Louisville Summer Camp for Kids 

Provide a Camp Scholarship for Underserved Children in Louisville


Every year, the Earth & Spirit Center puts on Camp Nature Odyssey, two one-week day camp programs that help children connect to our Earth through gardening, cooking, nature discovery walks, art, music, body movement, games, and meditation. Your support will help provide full scholarships ($120 for half-day, $225 for full-day) for underprivileged Louisville children whose families cannot afford to send them to camp.





General Donation Amount: $
Amount to send to Orphanage in Tonga: $
Amount to send to Hope Scholarship: $
Amount to send to Nairobi Student Fund: $
Amount to send to Summer Camp for Kids: $
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