Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is the Academy an academic program?  Will I get grades? 


A: Academy participation requires rigorous engagement of challenging concepts, plenty of reading, and a commitment to regular spiritual practice and serving others.  You do not earn academic credit or receive letter grades. A certificate of completion is granted upon completion of all Academy components. 



Q: Are there any pre-requisites?


A: You should begin with the Meditation 1:Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation course, on which all other modules depend.  Subsequently, you may take other modules in any sequence. 



Q: Are there any scholarships?


A: Some financial assistance is available to those who demonstrate need. You may contact to request a scholarship application.


Q: How much work and time is required for the Academy?


A: The Academy is a collection of 11 classes at the Earth & Spirit Center.  While there is a suggested course sequencing and bundling for the Academy, the Academy courses can also be completed at a pace that can accommodate your lifestyle.


Q: How many students can participate in the Academy?


A:  The general Academy courses are open to all Earth & Spirit Center students.  The Spiritual Integration Community sections are limited to 15 participants each. 


Q: I know I’ll have to miss a class or parts of a module.  Can I still enroll?


A: We encourage all Academy students to commit to completing the entire curriculum.  However, we understand that life can be complicated.  You will always have opportunity, within a year, to take components you may miss. You will receive the Academy certificate of completion only when you have taken all the required components of the curriculum.