The Earth & Spirit Center is nestled on 27 acres behind the Passionist Monastery within the city of Louisville. The garden and red barn, built in 1915, make an ideal setting for eager young learners to explore topics including growing food, life sciences, sustainable agriculture and caring for creation. Children can have an enjoyable and interactive experience connecting with the Earth in this wonderful outdoor classroom.


The garden at the Earth & Spirit Center offers creative, hands-on, interdisciplinary field trips for students K through 8. The raised vegetable beds and honey bee hives provide interactive learning experiences. Research shows that children are happier and healthier when they feel a personal connection to the natural world.


The benefits of an educational field trip to the Earth & Spirit Center garden and outdoor classroom are:

  • Connecting young people to the wonders of the natural world

  • Experiencing an edible classroom within a urban setting

  • Educating students on nutrition and food issues

  • Nurturing lifelong practical skills


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