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Nurturing Spirit, Society, & Soil

Learn. Serve. Transform.

We’re a nonprofit, interfaith spirituality center devoted to teaching contemplative practices like mindfulness, meditation, and deep connection to the natural world.  Through educational programs and hands-on engagement, we work for the flourishing of individuals, communities, and all of the creatures that form the sacred communion of the living Earth.

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In the following video, Fr. Joe Mitchell, our founder and lead meditation instructor, will introduce you to mindfulness meditation and its physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits.

Why Meditate?

Meditation can benefit your daily life in many ways.


There’s always something going on at the Earth & Spirit Center.

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We offer a wide variety of classes and workshops.  There’s definitely something for you!

Spiritual Support

If you’re looking for spiritual support or a frequent meetup with like-minded friends, there’s a community here for you.

Parents, Kids, & Camps

It’s never too early to start experiencing the benefits of mindfulness and compassion.

Community Conversations

Community Conversations series will let you connect with others and engage mind- and heart-opening dialogue in a safe, supportive forum.

Upcoming Events

Mindfulness meditation has been clinically demonstrated to increase relaxation, relieve stress, reduce anxiety and bolster self-esteem. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Time Magazine are putting mindfulness on the front page. Modern science is learning that the ancient spiritual practice of meditation is relevant to addressing complex modern problems. This free 60-minute workshop will give you a basic introduction to the theory and practice of mindfulness meditation, as well as its physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. Free, but registration is required.
Mindfulness meditation is a powerful step toward gaining the bodymind stability required to show up for what is ours to do in this complicated and wonderful world of possibility.  This four-week course provides a basic introduction to practicing mindfulness,  and it is open to all ages from high school and up.
This class is a great entry point for anyone who wants to learn how to meditate. Whether you're battling anxiety, stress or depression, having a hard time focusing, seeking spiritual growth, or simply want to feel better and be more present, this class teaches the basics of establishing a mindfulness meditation practice that can have remarkable physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. You'll learn how to quiet your mind, get your ego in check, and live a more fully present life.

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