A Restored Earth: Quaker Environmentalist Justin Mog on Opening Our Hearts to Right Relationships

Dr. Justin Mog, Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives at the University of Louisville, describes himself as a “car-free, TV-free, vegetarian, beekeeping, gardening Quaker with a fully solar-powered home.” This conversation explores Justin’s vision of a restored Earth, informed by both his faith and his environmental commitments, and how his radical lifestyle choices are far more about joy than sacrifice.

Justin hosts his own weekly podcast and community radio show called “Sustainability Now!” on Forward Radio 106.5 FM in Louisville. Check it out at https://www.forwardradio.org/sustainabilitynow.

Quaker Earthcare Witness: https://quakerearthcare.org/

Sustainability at University of Louisville: https://louisville.edu/sustainability

Project Drawdown: https://drawdown.org/

Earth & Spirit Center website: www.earthandspiritcenter.org