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Camp Odyssey continues with Gardening, Foraging, and Food – Week 3- June 27

Nature campers will start the week learning about gardening, picking the fruits and veggies and preparing snacks and meals from the garden to eat together. They will experience a day of learning about cultures who have lived off of the land with great respect and traditions, exploring their music, art, and encaptivating storytelling. Campers will have a full day of discovering the secrets of how animals and bugs forage, eat, and live, exploring the biodiversity in the Wetlands. They will explore how humans forage for food, through basket weaving, forest walks to find the food, imagining and creating stories of survival in the wild. The last day of this week will culminate in preparing a feast for all using the skills learned through the week.

  • Day 1 – Gardening
  • Day 2 – Cultures who live off the land
  • Day 3 – Animals and Insects forage and eat
  • Day 4 – How humans forage for food
  • Day 5 – Feasting Together


  • Recipes
  • Hiking
  • Creating Art
  • Story Time
  • Journal Time
  • Play Time
  • Exploring Biodiversity
  • Creating Traps (for insects)
  • Preparing meals
  • Make Believe
  • Children’s meditations
  • Basket Weaving
  • Lots of Games

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