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Camp Odyssey continues with Nature’s Music and Make Believe. July 5-8.

Week 4 – Nature’s Music and Make Believe 

Nature Campers will begin the week exploring what music is, the rhythms, beats, and different types. Discovering their own ways to create music through instruments they craft with nature’s elements. They will learn how to play their instruments together. Another day they will search for nature’s music on the trails and in the creeks. There will be a day devoted to make-believe, time to be an animal, the wind, the sun, different elements of nature, act out stories, music, and create art. The last day will culminate with unique performances combining their music and make believe.


  • Day 1 – Nature’s Music
  • Day 2 – Instruments
  • Day 3 – Make Believe
  • Day 4 – Making Music and Make Believe Together in Nature


  • Finding your Rhythm
  • Creating Instruments
  • Observing Nature’s Music in the forest
  • Water’s music and make believe
  • Drumming
  • Art with music
  • Journaling
  • Make Believe
  • Quiet Time
  • Music/Make Believe Performance

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