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Broderick Sawyer, PhD is a clinical psychologist, activist, and teacher. He teaches meditation, compassion, liberation psychology, and racial healing. He runs his own teaching and mentoring service where he collaborates with businesses, non-profits, universities, and individuals interested in learning practical techniques for wellbeing, compassion, and sustainable helping. For more information, you can go to his website at brodericksawyer.com.

Broderick holds a PhD in clinical psychology which he received from the University of Louisville. He has formal training in:

  • Mindfulness meditation (along with 6 years of daily formal meditation and informal awareness practices)
  • Self-compassion
  • Several Western theoretical approaches to healing mental illness (i.e., CBT, Psychodynamic therapy, Attachment, Mindfulness, etc.)
  • Race-based stress and trauma, generational trauma
  • Compassion-focused wellness

Broderick has amassed over 4,000 hours of providing individual and group psychotherapy throughout his training and professional experiences. Upon completing his PhD, he worked at a clinic treating trauma, OCD, and eating disorders as a staff psychologist in Louisville. Following that, he was the director of a racial trauma training center based in Rochester, NY. Recognizing the barriers to receiving mental wellness information and his love for teaching and integrating holistic, non-Western practices into his work, Broderick created his own workshop and coaching service to reduce these barriers. Just in the last two years, Broderick has taught approximately 70+ workshops.