Nellie Springston is the Program Coordinator for Youth, Family and Education at the Earth & Spirit Center. In addition to her role here, she is the Founder of Calma (Calm and Loving Minds Achieve), a consulting business that provides mindfulness tools to parents and educators to practice mindfulness with children and youth.

Nellie received her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University from the School of Journalism with a minor in Sociology. In 2010, she graduated first in her class from UofL with a Master’s Degree in School Counseling and Psychology.

Nellie began her career in San Antonio, TX as the project coordinator for a Psychiatry Research study with military soldiers suffering from PTSD. After a few years, she made her way back to her true passion- working with children, as a behavior interventionist at an inner-city charter school. She began using mindfulness mediation with her most troubled students and saw incredible results, which lead her to become certified in Mindfulness through the MBSR program, and found Calma: Calm & Loving Minds Achieve. She trains parents, educators and school staff on Mindfulness, and speaks regularly on various subjects regarding Childhood Development, Cognition, Education & Mindfulness.