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Camp Odyssey continues with Snakes, Snails, Bugs & Birds – Week 7- July 25

Week 7 – Snakes, Snails, Bugs, and Birds

Nature Campers will learn all about snakes, snails, bugs, and birds, their habitats, their role in our Earthly Community. They will search for them on nature hikes, identify their habitats, and count the number of species in the wetlands. Games creating space and time for the campers to pretend to be animals and insects helps them to understand life from a new perspective. The week will end with ways we can care for our friends in nature.

  • Day 1 – Snakes
  • Day 2 – Snails
  • Day 3 – Insects
  • Day 4 – Birds
  • Day 5 – Caring for Snakes, Snails, Bugs and Birds


  • Identifying animals/insects
  • Finding Habitats
  • Understanding animals and insects role in community
  • Hiking exploring
  • Bird Watching
  • Building our own bird’s nest
  • Make Believe living like an animal/insect
  • Ways to care for animals and insects
  • Fun Games
  • Creation of art from nature
  • Journaling

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