We See from Where We Stand: Sr. Caroljean Willie SC, PhD on Multicultural Perspectives and Stepping into our “Grace Margin”

Sr. Caroljean Willie, who goes by CJ, is a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati. With a doctorate in multicultural education, she has worked in 48 countries as an environmental educator, teacher-trainer, and cultural diversity consultant. She has also served as an NGO representative at the United Nations, working on social development, education, environmental sustainability, human trafficking, interfaith dialogue and poverty eradication. In this podcast, Sr. Caroljean shares her insights about how we might lean into interconnection and step out into what she calls our grace margin, where we can truly learn from and care about those whose lives are very different from our own.


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Microfinancing Partners in Africa: https://microfinancingafrica.org/who-we-are/

Balancing Profit and Purpose: Scott Koloms on Mindful Business Leadership

Scott Koloms believes that businesses can both make money and do good. He is the President and CEO of Louisville, KY-based Facilities Management Services, the first janitorial service company in the world to be certified as a B-corporation, committed to a “triple bottom line” of financial profit along with social and environmental benefits. He is also the Founder of Canopy, a non-profit working to help other Kentucky businesses evolve toward greater sustainability. In this episode, Scott reflects on his commitment to mindful leadership and his drive to help other for-profit businesses strike a balance between profit and purpose.


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A Journey of Healing: Mary Underwood on Wholeness for People and Planet

In addition to a career in nursing and a graduate degree in philosophy, cosmology, and consciousness, Mary Underwood has through-hiked the 2600-mile Pacific Crest Trail and other long-distance wilderness treks. Through all of this, the search for healing – personal and planetary – has been her compass. In this broad, rich conversation about health, spirituality, and deep connection to nature, Mary and I reflect on curiosity and vulnerability as key spiritual virtues, the art of solitude and deep listening, and how there is profound, hopeful medicine in the embrace of woundedness.


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Cameron Howard – Bonus Material

When we recorded the “A Made-By-Hand Life: Cameron Howard and a Deep Love of the Local” episode with farmer-philosopher-musician Cameron Howard, there was more to the interview than would fit in the podcast episode.  Here is some bonus material.

A Made-By-Hand Life: Cameron Howard and a Deep Love of the Local

Farmer-philosopher-musician Cameron Howard farms with horses on the 71-acre farm that he and his family call home in southern Indiana. In this episode, recorded on the Howard farm amidst the domestic background noises of their hand-built home, we reflect on how the spiritual and material intertwine in the joys and challenges of a made-by-hand life, crafted with deep intentionality and thoughtfulness.


All of the music on this podcast was written and performed by Cameron Howard. Click here for the most recent album from Cameron and the Howard Family: https://www.amazon.com/Farm-Fresh-Howards/dp/B002PETCZS

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The Secular Sacred: Kathleen Dean Moore on Moral Integrity and a Ferocious Love of the World

Dr. Kathleen Dean Moore is a philosopher, nature writer, and environmental activist who makes her home in Oregon and Alaska. In this conversation, Kathleen reflects on her fierce, reverent love of this worthy and wounded world and its secular sacredness, and how we’re called beyond hope and despair to act with moral integrity for its healing.


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Kathleen’s website and blog: https://www.riverwalking.com/

Kathleen’s most recent book: Earth’s Wild Music: Celebrating Life in a Time of Extinction. https://www.riverwalking.com/earths-wild-music.html

Children at Play: Claude Stephens on Nurturing Free Play in Nature

Claude Stephens is the Facilitator of Outreach and Regenerative Design for Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. He’s also the director of Bernheim’s Children at Play Network, an initiative that helps connect children to nature through free play. This conversation explores the importance of free play in nature as an engine of inspiration and imagination, empowerment, equity, and efforts to sustain healthy communities and landscapes.



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Children At Play Network: https://childrenatplaynetwork.com/

We Live in a Shared World: Scott Russell Sanders on Awe, Imagination, Compassion, Craft, and Community

Scott Russell Sanders is a Cambridge-educated novelist, essayist, conservationist, and a distinguished professor of English, emeritus, at Indiana University. He has written and taught for decades about nature and place, family and community, and the concerns of social justice and ecology, woven together with a spirituality that is rooted in awe and wonder. This conversation explores the joys and disciplines of spiritual imagination, writing, and a well-lived life, in communion with others and within our one shared world.


Earth & Spirit Center website: www.earthandspiritcenter.org

Scott’s website: https://scottrussellsanders.com/

Some of Scott’s books:

Small Marvels (forthcoming): https://iupress.org/9780253061997/small-marvels/

The Way of Imagination: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/way_of_imagination.html

The Engineer of Beasts: A Novel: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/engineer_of_beasts.html

A Conservationist Manifesto: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/conservationist_manifesto.html

A Private History of Awe: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/private_history_of_awe.html

Hunting for Hope: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/hunting_for_hope.html

Writing from the Center: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/writing_from_the_center.html

Loving the Whole World: David Haberman on Finding the Divine in the Landscape of India – And Beyond

Dr. David Haberman is Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University Bloomington. Much of his work focuses on Hindu temple worship traditions of northern India, where he has spent a great deal of time studying how worshippers encounter the sacred in stones, trees, rivers, and all of the more-than-human world. In this conversation I reconnect with my undergraduate mentor from decades ago to discuss the intersection of religion and ecology as it unfolds in the richly diverse religious landscape of India – and beyond.

Related Resources:

More about David Haberman: https://religiousstudies.indiana.edu/about/faculty/haberman-david.html

Books by David:

River of Love in an Age of Pollution: The Yamuna River of Northern India (University of California Press, 2006)

People Trees: Worship of Trees in Northern India (Oxford University Press, 2013)

Loving Stones: Worship of Mount Govardhan: Making the Impossible Possible in the Worship of Mount Govardhan (Oxford University Press, 2020)

Understanding Climate Change through Religious Lifeworlds (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2021)

Book mentioned on the podcast:

War against the Idols: The Reformation of Worship from Erasmus to Calvin, by Carlos Eire (Cambridge University Press, 1986)

Earth & Spirit Center homepage: https://earthandspiritcenter.org/

Life Wants to Happen: Sisters of Charity of Nazareth on Honoring Earth in Communal Living

Sr. Susan Gatz is a member of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, formerly in community leadership and now serving as the chair of the sisters’ international ecological sustainability committee. Carolyn Cromer is the director of ecological sustainability for the sisters. In this conversation, Sr. Susan and Carolyn reflect on how deep spiritual commitments to caring for Creation play out in the context of communal religious life.


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