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Bringing Mindfulness to Underserved Communities

We believe that the many physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits of mindfulness should be available for all. However, we know there are many people for whom our classes are inaccessible. To address this gap, we have developed the Mindfulness Mentors, an all-volunteer program that teaches mindfulness practices and compassionate action, at no charge, to some of Louisville’s most marginalized members of our community – youth and adults experiencing homelessness, emotional or physical disabilities, the foster care or justice systems, and others in highly disadvantaged environments. We also offer this program to staff of organizations that serve underserved communities in Louisville.  

Mindfulness Mentors introduce groups of participants to basic mindfulness practices that enable self-knowledge, cultivate compassion for self and others, reduce stress, and increase the capacity to learn and make decisions. We believe these practices will help participants live a balanced life and connect with others and the natural world.  Our partners have included Family Scholar House, Maryhurst Alternative School, Americana, Court Appointed Special Advocate Association (CASA), Nativity Academy, the Louisville Urban League, Mariposa, and many others.

Working in teams, the mentors offer the training several weekly sessions, each with a range of experiential activities modified to meet the specific needs of the group. Participants learn the benefits of mindfulness, gain a variety of tools to increase awareness, and support each other through the process of developing a new meditation practice. 

St. Vincent de Paul Family Success Center

“We are grateful to the Earth & Spirit Center of Louisville for providing this invaluable experience for our kids. Armed with new coping strategies and better focus, our kids are one step closer to obtaining the skills necessary to grow into successful adults.”

St. Vincent de Paul Family Success Center

Interested in becoming a Mindfulness Mentor?

To become a Mindfulness Mentor, you must:

  • Complete one or more mindfulness meditation courses at the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center (or equivalent)
  • Maintain a personal meditation practice for at least two years
  • Demonstrate experience with or willingness to learn teaching skills
  • Complete an application and background check
  • Complete the Mindfulness Mentor 3-hour orientation
  • Serve as a “class assistant” for one 10-week course with experienced mentors

Mindfulness Mentor expectations:

  • Instruct at least one long-form class per year
  • Attend a monthly meeting for program feedback and ongoing training
  • Report the number of the hours contributed and number of individuals participating
  • Complete an annual self-evaluation and re-commitment process

Interested in bringing the Mindfulness Mentors to your community?

We can provide a series of lessons (generally four to six), offer a one-time overview of mindfulness, or tailor a program to your needs.  We also offer instruction in mindful parenting and connecting mindfully to the natural world – all free of charge.  We’re looking for organizational partners who:

  • Work in and serve under-resourced communities and neighborhoods 
  • Will recruit and support a group of participants (minimum 6 to 12 per class)
  • Will provide a reliable staff liaison to coordinate logistics with the Mindfulness Mentors
  • Want to learn more about bringing mindfulness practices into their organization