Where Do We Go From Here? – Addressing Racism Series, Module 3

Once you’ve begun to realize the depth and breadth of racism in America, what do you do about it? How can we – whoever we are, in whatever life circumstances, at whatever age – move beyond education to mindful action, in order to do our part in dismantling racist systems, redressing inequities, healing racial wounds, and working to create a more just and inclusive society?

Forest Meditation Experience

Spending time in nature has been proven as one of the most effective means to relieve stress and promote well-being. And what better place to do that than at the 27-acre Earth & Spirit Center Nature Sanctuary! Come join us for a guided experience that will help you connect more deeply to the more-than-human world.

“Statues” Film Screening and Conversation

America has become a deeply polarized country, and Louisville is grappling both with that trend and with a public reckoning concerning the city’s long history of racial tensions. Documentary filmmaker Morgan Atkinson’s new film, “Statues,” takes on these challenges as they concern the local controversies around public statues – and public art generally. Join us for a screening of the film and a conversation with the filmmaker!

Community Conversations

Would you like to be part of enriching, challenging conversations with local and national leaders in contemplative practice, social healing, and care for the Earth? Our Community Conversations series will let you connect with others and engage mind- and heart-opening dialogue in a safe, supportive forum.

Earth Advocate Group

More than ever, the world needs citizens who are prepared to engage with the environmental challenges that impact our communities and advocate for the poor and vulnerable people that are impacted by these issues. This group offers a supportive space to learn about environmental issues and become empowered to work for a just and equitable transition to a more sustainable world.

Environmental Racism

An exploration into How Black, Indigenous, People of Color are disproportionately Impacted by Pollution.

Unpacking the Gift of Aging

In addition to many great satisfactions, aging inevitably involves losses of various kinds.  These can be invitations to grow deeper as we grow older, developing an expansive spiritual openness to whatever the future brings.

The Great Work

Human beings are the most advanced species on planet Earth – and we have also become the most destructive.  If you puzzle at this conundrum, this course can help you understand the unique role that human beings play in our evolving, interconnected universe, and how we can harness our collective energies for personal, social, and planetary flourishing.  

Compassionate Communication

Would you like to begin mending the deep division and polarization in your family, your community, our country? Would you like to move beyond shame and blame- both turned internally and externally - in order to have constructive dialogues - both within yourself and with others? Compassion is the key: bringing a kind, generous heart into the way you speak with (and about) yourself and others. This course can show you how.