Women, Spirituality and Social Justice

Women bring inspiring gifts, presence, and wisdom to spiritual practice, care for communities, and care for the Earth. If you are a woman wishing to claim and live more fully into these gifts, or a man eager to more fully appreciate the feminine - in others and in yourself - this course can help you on your journey.

Anti-Racism -Part One

In these times of heightened attention to racial justice, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the issues and not sure how to move forward. This course can help you wade into these waters with support and guidance.

Listen, Learn, Act for Racial Equity in Louisville

In the summer of 2020, amid great racial conflict following Breonna Taylor’s killing, Black leaders in Louisville created “A Path Forward,” an extensive, forward-looking document for bringing racial equity to Louisville. The document examined multiple components of racial injustice and recommended actions to alleviate them. This six-week experience will help you engage more deeply – in learning and in action – with racial equity issues facing Louisville and our nation.

Can We Talk? Tools for Conversations about Racial Justice

Do you wish you felt more skillful when talking about racial justice? Do you either avoid the difficult conversations or get into them, only to find yourself frustrated, dismayed, tongue-tied, or uncertain? How do we help create space so that both parties have a chance to speak honestly and be heard? How do we move from “us” and “them” to a greater sense of shared vision? How do we express ourselves in a way that is authentic, clear, and grounded?

Earth Advocate Group

More than ever, the world needs citizens who are prepared to engage with the environmental challenges that impact our communities and advocate for the poor and vulnerable people that are impacted by these issues. This group offers a supportive space to learn about environmental issues and become empowered to work for a just and equitable transition to a more sustainable world.

Awakening to the Land

Modern culture separates us from nature in a wide variety of ways. Among other things, we are insulated from shifting seasons by air conditioning that keeps us comfortable year-round and by modern grocery stores that allow us to purchase any produce we desire during any season. Electric lighting makes it possible to almost forget when the days get shorter. We live in a sort of perpetual artificial summer. The goal of this morning is to root participants more fully into the land of the Earth and Spirit Center.

Environmental Racism

An exploration into How Black, Indigenous, People of Color are disproportionately Impacted by Pollution.

Mindfulness and Healing: Re-Membering Our Wholeness

If you feel disconnected, broken, or wounded, you are not alone. We are all wounded in essential and frequently secret ways, and it can be difficult to know how to begin to heal. Join us for a complete reframing of what it means to be broken, and what it means to heal.

Pandemic Mental Health: Utilizing Mindfulness in Uncertain Times

The pandemic has significantly impacted the overall mental health and well-being of individuals. Good mental health includes having a sense of wellness and stability in a variety of areas including: social, physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic areas. When one area becomes disrupted, individuals often struggle with returning to a healthy balance. The pandemic has created a situation in which multiple factors that impact mental health have been disrupted all at once and, in many cases, repeatedly. This abrupt and continual disruption of healthy functioning has created a mental health crisis for many. This series seeks to help individuals better understand mental health in a holistic manner, accounting for the various intersecting factors that impact mental health and wellness in relation to the pandemic. Additionally, participants will learn the benefits of mindfulness-based therapies and methods to improve their mental health during uncertain times.

Self-Compassion and Healing

Life comes with baggage. We make mistakes, have regrets, and sometimes, we take out life’s ups and downs on ourselves in the form of self-criticism. We often talk at length about compassion, but forget to include ourselves in the conversation. So, how do we learn to hold ourselves with kindness when things aren’t going our way?

Healing Series

Our world has endured the tragedy of a pandemic together. There have been devastating consequences to our lives both individually and as community. The courses offered in our 2022 Healing Series is an introduction to healing those wounds. We invite you to engage in this specialized series with experts in the field of mental health and healing.

The Gift of Aging

In addition to many great satisfactions, aging inevitably involves losses of various kinds.  These can be invitations to grow deeper as we grow older, developing an expansive spiritual openness to whatever the future brings.

Becoming a Conscious Elder

Stories are important and can change people. We are now learning the New Earth story is emerging. We now know that we are one with the Earth and come from the Earth rather than masters of the Earth. Our troubled world is changing, dying and is in labor. The new world is being birthed. We as Elders are called to be doulas or midwives. As with the birthing process we need to be mindful, to breathe, and have the vision for what is coming forth. As Elders we can be witnesses of hope to this vital process.