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Team Building Experiences

Open to schools and organizations that are ready to bring together their students and employees for a day to create community, challenge critical thinking skills, and build friendships. Our team-building course is set in the woods of our 27-acre campus and nature preserve. We blend our mindfulness and meditation practices through experiential learning on the outdoor course. It is a unique experience to stop and take breaths, becoming aware of our thoughts, feelings, and one another while challenging our communication habits. Pre-teens and teenagers in high school and college have fun trying to find solutions to the challenges. Faculty and staff of schools explore power dynamics as well as how these communication skills translate to the classroom.

We are accepting reservations for Spring Team-Building Retreats. The cost is $43/person.  We can accommodate 20 – 65 students/retreat. Retreats are held Mon – Sat either 8a – 2p, 8:30a – 2:30p, 9a – 3p, or 9:30a – 3:30p, 10a – 4p.

If you are interested, email info@earthandspiritcenter.org or call the Earth and Spirit Center (502) 452 2749.

Read some of the quotes of participants who attended Team-Building retreats last fall.

“It’s ok to sometimes let another person take the lead and I don’t always need to be in control.” – teacher from Mighty Oak Academy.

“I learned the leadership and communication styles of my team.” – teacher from Mighty Oak Academy

“I learned more about how individuals think and how to work as a group.” – seventh-grader from St. Agnes

“I think it was very fun, a great way to get to know more about people and their personalities.” – Mercy Freshman