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Young Adult Retreat Programs

The Earth and Spirit Center is introducing a young adult retreat program. Its mission is to offer experiential opportunities of transformative growth in community through mindfulness, service, spiritual development, social compassion, and a new perspective of our Earth. These retreats will be offered to high schools, colleges, and youth organizations.  Our young adults need space and time to learn about our Earth, mindful tools to re-center, team-building skills to strengthen their empathy for others, and an experience in nature to be at peace. Consider a retreat for your school or organization. Details are below. Contact lori@earthandspiritcenter.org.


“I am just now putting into words our deep gratitude to you for the EXCELLENT leadership, organization, communication, and execution of our three grade-level retreats last week. From start to finish, working on these retreats with you has been both a pleasure and an inspiration. You are so thoughtful, so responsive, so understanding and kind, and so in tune with what high school students need individually and as a group. Furthermore, your retreats fit in SO well with what we are emphasizing in the Upper School: self-compassion, kindness towards others, appreciating nature and wellness, teamwork, and positivity. The number of times I thanked you in my mind during the retreats for your planning and spoken words was a LOT. 

Thank you thank you THANK YOU, Lori!!!! You made these retreats a total success. Students “actually” loved them and appreciated the purpose of them (I heard the word “actually” a lot in the days following…”I actually had a lot of fun!” “I actually loved it!” :)). We have been wanting to do grade-level retreats for several years now, especially coming out of the pandemic, and you made this jump into them a home run success among students, faculty, and parents alike. You’re a pro!!!”

– Sara Gahan, Principal of the Upper School from Collegiate