Dan Forte

“Taking the 10-week class provided an awakening on how to take the practice of mediation into being a strong, empathetic business leader.”

Tom Williams

“The course made it easy to turn a mysterious concept mindfulness into a simple and generative practice that will serve me for a lifetime.  I would recommend it to anyone!”

Brian Riendeau

“I’d recommend this class to anyone searching for a deeper meaning to their existence, more purpose to their daily activities, or simply peace amidst the general chaos of life.”

Joshua Rose

“The course was amazing and I highly recommend it, as it truly helped bring focus, clarity and peace of mind to my business and life.”

Sarah Davasher-Wisdom

“Mindful meditation has been truly revolutionary for me. I highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to develop a greater sense of internal serenity or a stronger understanding of self.”

Marianne Welch

“This course on mindfulness meditation offers a beacon of hope for those who search for meaning. A balm for Earth and life itself.”

Dr. Robb Shrader, M.D.

“The mindfulness meditation course offered by the Earth & Spirit Center has helped me in a compassionate and highly effective manner.”

Jim Wayne

“The Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation class launched me on a remarkable journey into an awareness of myself and the world around me, giving me a renewed sense of freedom and inner peace.”

Linda Valentine

“With weekly sessions to guide practice and inspiring daily messages, developing a regular meditation practice for calm and serenity has been natural and enriching.”

Cynthia Campbell

“Provides the opportunity to deepen your experience by learning from a master teacher. It brings mindfulness meditation alive with engaging and clear presentations.”