The Happiness Discussion Group

Each month, we’ll have an informal discussion with an expert on a range of topics including gratitude, purpose, social connection, compassion, and mindfulness. We will learn from and support each other as we grow our capacity for happiness. Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month. 

Beyond a Few Bad Apples

Please join us for an informative and deep Conversation with Louisville Inspector General, Edward Harness, and Attorney Kellie Watson, Chair of the Civilian Review and Accountability Board, which was created in the wake of Breonna Taylor’s murder. This discussion will focus on implementing the changes mandated by the Department of Justice in Louisville’s pending consent decree. We’ll talk about the work of the accountability board as well as obstacles and challenges to true police oversight.

Camp Odyssey

Registration is open! We are excited to offer 4 weeks of Summer Camp Odyssey this summer! We have two weeks of our Big Adventure and a week for “What’s Growing On?” and a week for “Adventures in the Great Outdoors!”. Join the fun!