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Ecology Education Videos

Virtual field trips

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Earth & Spirit Center’s Environmental Educational Outreach Programs are going virtual.  With the support of the Snowy Owl Foundation and in coordination with teachers, we are developing a series of nature education videos to fit your curriculum.   We record the videos on our 27-acre campus of fields, wetlands, woods, and gardens, so that your students can creatively engage the natural world and cultivate a sense of stewardship for our planet.  These “virtual field trips” can be custom-designed for particular grade levels and core curricular standards.  Email tim@earthandspiritcenter for more information.

Here are potential Environmental Education lessons that the Earth & Spirit Center can tailor to your needs, upon request. 

  • The impacts of sewage on waterways, eutrophication, plastics in the ocean that start on our streets, etc. at the Combined Sewer Outfall (CSO) at the South Fork of Beargrass Creek on our property.
  • Ecosystem services such as water purification and flood control, habitat for wildlife and biodiversity at one of our wetlands.
  • Ecosystem services such as water purification and cooling of the air, habitat for wildlife and biodiversity at our spring.
  • Human impacts and solutions for those impacts, pollinators, native plants, biodiversity at our rain gardens.
  • Permaculture techniques, wildlife habitat, and adaptation at our urban food forest.
  • Invasive species and their impacts on biodiversity in our wooded areas.
  • Urban agriculture, including permaculture techniques at one of our gardens.
  • The methods and benefits of composting at our compost bins.
  • Demonstration of using a quadrat to study biodiversity that the students can do at home on their own.

Here are some sample videos you can use for free. Check back for more videos.

Wetland #1

What is a Quadrat?

Freshwater Spring

Beargrass Creek - South Fork

Beargrass Creek

Importance of Native Plants

Importance of Native Plants


Wetland #2

Rain Garden

Compost Bins

Compost Bins

Climate & Hydrological Cycle

Environmental Justice Tour