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Meditation Courses

We’re the largest provider of bricks-and-mortar mindfulness instruction in the entire central United States. Experienced, qualified instructors teach rigorous non-credit courses on a variety of meditation topics for beginners through veteran meditators.

Courses generally meet once a week and range from four weeks to ten weeks. You can start at any time: fall, January term, spring, May term, or summer.


Youth Retreats

The Earth and Spirit Center is introducing a young adult retreat program. Its mission is to offer experiential opportunities of transformative growth in community through mindfulness, service, spiritual development, social compassion, and a new perspective of our Earth. These retreats will be offered to high schools, colleges, and youth organizations.  Our young adults need space and time to learn about our Earth, mindful tools to re-center, team-building skills to strengthen their empathy for others, and an experience in nature to be at peace. Consider a retreat for your school or organization.

Personal Growth Courses

In addition to learning about meditation, we offer you opportunities to bring contemplative awareness into other aspects of your life. These weekly courses help you engage in issues of social justice and compassion as well as connecting with and caring for the Earth.

Spiritual Support

The spiritual journey shouldn’t and can’t be travelled alone. We offer a variety of monthly gatherings for spiritual community, in which our faculty members provide spiritual guidance, lead group meditations, answer questions, and explore compassion, men’s and women’s spirituality, and other topics in a safe, supportive environment.

Youth, Family, and Educators

Meditation isn’t just for grown-ups! Children and teens can learn and greatly benefit from basic mindfulness practices. From summer camps to short workshops to school field trips to 10-week programs, we provide resources for kids, parents, grandparents, and educators to learn more about meditation, compassion, and mindful awareness of the natural world.

Workshops, Retreats, Events

Outdoor mass meditations during Derby week, monthly community dinners, seasonal retreats, pop-up meditations around Louisville, and a variety of other events help you form community with others, grow deeper in your spirituality, and bring contemplative awareness to all aspects of your life.

Tours and Trips

A series of local bus tours – available on demand for groups – help awaken you to environmental and justice issues facing Louisville, as well as demonstrating hopeful solutions to social and environmental challenges.  If you want to see the world, we lead regular international trips so you can experience the culture, meet the people, and explore the lands of Kenya and Tanzania.