5d diamond painting kits - full drill diamond art.

Pro Bono Mindfulness

Through partnerships with over two dozen schools and local social service organizations, trained teams of volunteers in our Mindfulness Mentors program provide pro bono instruction for members of Louisville’s underserved communities and support networks, including jail inmates and those facing addiction issues, detox treatment, abuse, and emotional or physical disabilities.

Community Partnerships

We regularly partner with dozens of other nonprofits and community organizations to serve those who are disadvantaged and to further the work of mindfulness, compassion and care for the Earth. From pro bono mindfulness instruction to hosting a community farm for refugees, we know that our efforts are multiplied when we work with a broad coalition of partners.

Land Stewardship

We have a strong commitment to modeling sustainable, regenerative environmental practices on our 27-acre nature sanctuary of woods, fields, and gardens. Come explore our wetlands, contemplative nature trails, permaculture food forest, pollinator gardens, rain gardens, refugee farm , foresty initiatives, and other ways we help our land flourish.

Our Earth Now - Youth Group

Co-sponsored by Kentucky Interfaith Power & Light and the Earth & Spirit Center, OurEarthNow is a youth-led group that aims to promote awareness among society, particularly youth, and energize a movement to enact both social and environmental change through collective empowerment and action.


In the fall, spring, and summer, we offer a variety of internships for high school, college, graduate students, and others. Come work with us to get hands-on experience in environment and spiritual ecology, social work, social media, summer camps, and other opportunities to serve others and the natural world.


Volunteering is a great way to connect with our community and our mission. We have regular need of clerical help, professional consulting, grounds work, mindfulness facilitation for the underserved, board service, and a number of other needs. Whether you can help just once or on a regular basis, for an hour or several years, we would be grateful for your time and talent!