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In the fall, spring, and summer, we offer a variety of internships for high school and college students.  Come work with us to get hands-on experience and mentoring in environment and spiritual ecology, social work, social media, summer camps, and other opportunities to serve others and the natural world.  Interns receive valuable mentoring from our staff and others, contribute time to meaningful projects, and in many cases, earn a stipend.

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Intern testimonials 


“[the program] helped me develop a deeper understanding of what it meant to be an environmental steward,”  Lillian Hargesheimer

“working with berms and swales was incredibly educational & helped me understand more about land cultivation” Emma Stuber

“[Because of the program], I am more present outside.  More mindful of the environment around me.  Less in my head, more connected to nature.”  Alex Haydon

“The internship has helped me gain an appreciation for nature on an up close & personal level,” Oli Tierney

“One of the most valuable aspects of this internship is that we were always encouraged to provide input and problem-solve on the spot for tasks.” Anonymous

“Working with Tim Darst directly on projects gave me an opportunity to ask questions and engage even more in the work I was doing. Having the option of doing group or solo projects on any particular day was also beneficial in helping me to build my teamwork skills and self-reliance, respectively.”

“The internship gave me a start towards understanding the ways my human life can beneficially shape the natural world and be a part of its healing. It gave me a place to explore this deeply held connection and relationship in a way that I am extremely grateful to have had and believe everyone should have access to.”

“I have left this internship with a lot more knowledge (on a vast array of topics) than I came in with. Things from plants species knowledge and raccoon call meanings, to teamwork and on the spot problem solving. I feel that even though I was not there long, I learned more than I would have from most other places around Louisville.”

“I have a deeper knowledge on ecological impacts in a real-life application.”  Zoe Laughlin

“I have a greater appreciation for … how incredible the environment is.”  Alex Ghinn

“I feel accomplished and satisfied by furthering the mission of PESC, as well as my own mission in helping create a more sustainable world.” Sally Rother

“[the program has] given me a deeper appreciation for the environment and environmental issues.  Getting some time to be and learn in nature so often during the semester was great.”  Mason Beard

“I’ve learned about this place that’s beautiful that I never would have found otherwise.  I’ve learned skills and knowledge I can take home and teach others.” Maddie Schwitzer