Meditation Support Group

Are you looking for a chance to connect with others in the local meditation community?  Are you seeking the opportunity to join regularly in a group meditation practice? Do you have questions that you’d like to ask and discuss with experienced meditators?  If so, please join us for our monthly Meditation Support Group.

First Saturday Silent Sitting

Are you seeking the opportunity to join regularly in a guided group meditation practice?  Do you seek greater peace for yourself and for the world? Our First Saturday Silent Sitting is a monthly gathering that will help you connect with other meditators and spiritual seekers from varying faith backgrounds.  

Spiritual Guidance Community

Are you looking to better understand your personal spiritual path? Are you interested in deepening your spirituality? Do you desire spiritual friendship in a community setting? Do you seek support for developing a personal meditation practice? Becoming part of our interfaith spiritual guidance community can help you grow closer to others as you grow closer to the divine in your own heart.  

Women’s Social Justice Study Circle

More than ever, the world needs citizens who are prepared to engage with the complex social challenges that impact our communities and advocate for those who are vulnerable to exploitation.  This group offers women a safe, supportive space to learn about social justice issues and become empowered to work for a just and equitable society, where all families and communities can thrive.

Men’s Contemplative Group

Our culture puts a lot of pressure on men to perform, strive, and achieve.  Men get the message that they must be strong and invulnerable. But the spiritual path invites men to go beyond these expectations to cultivate depth and authenticity.  This monthly group provides fellowship and support for men seeking to become their truest and best selves.  

Weekly Sunday Meditation

This is an opportunity to find your center, calm your mind, increase self-awareness, and develop your spiritual potential as you transition into your week.

Centering Prayer

Learn about the spiritual practice of centering prayer and the power of interior silence as a means for listening to God.

Silent Meditation Retreat

Silence the “Monkey Mind.” Listen to your inner self. Appreciate sounds of the natural world. Cure for boredom. More Mindful Eating. Gain clarity in your life. Nurture curiosity and kindness.

Earth & Spirit Week

Earth and Spirit Week: Nature Connection Meditation and Practices Opening your heart to the natural world can be a source of profound hope and healing. Our Earth & Spirit week sessions will help you to connect more deeply with the rest of nature.