Med 1 – Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

This class is a great entry point for anyone who wants to learn how to meditate. Whether you’re battling anxiety, stress or depression, having a hard time focusing, seeking spiritual growth, or simply want to feel better and be more present, this class teaches the basics of establishing a mindfulness meditation practice that can have remarkable physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. You’ll learn how to quiet your mind, get your ego in check, and live a more fully present life.

R&R: Refocus & Rejuvenate Your Mindfulness Practice

January is a fine time to turn inward (hibernate) to reflect, refocus, and then rejuvenate our commitments to contemplative practices. If you’re curious about where to go with your mindfulness practice, take your cues from the natural world. Habit is the opposite of mindfulness. Yet, structure and routine are your friends. These two one-hour sessions will give you some moments to reckon with the reality of those sentences and then receive guidance to find a balance between having a steadiness in your meditation routine but also experience your practice as lively, invigorating, expansive, and on-purpose

Basic Mindfulness for Stress Resilience

The struggle is real. Relief is possible. If you frequently feel anxious, uncertainty and distressed these days, you’re not alone. Fortunately, mindfulness meditation practices can support us to get beyond just coping to a renewed sense of connection and purpose. It's one thing to know about mindfulness and meditation... and quite another to have a practice that keeps them active and accessible in daily life. This practical course has been extended to include a fifth bonus session for additional support! What can you expect? Mindfulness meditation expands your resilience capacity and has positive effects on anxiety, depression, focus, emotional intelligence, implicit bias, memory, creativity, listening, sleep quality, and compassion for self and others. If you are seeking greater well-being for yourself and those around you, here is a place to start.

Interfaith Spirituality Series

Whether you belong within one religion or none, or are eclectic in your spirituality, religious traditions from across the world offer insights that can benefit your own spiritual life. The courses in our 2022 Interfaith Spiritual Practice series invite you to engage your inner life and the outer world through ancient-but-timely practices from various spiritual traditions.

Med 2 – Insight Meditation

This course is for you if you already have some mindfulness meditation experience but want to go deeper to explore and strengthen your practice, with guidance from a seasoned teacher and the supportive community of fellow students. The goal is to use meditation to awaken wisdom and insight that leads to inner freedom and overcoming suffering.

Med 5 – Awakening Wellness

There is a deep spring of wellbeing within each of us. The doorway to finding that inner contentment is through awareness. Mindfulness, an ancient technique for attentional training, is simple but not easy to master. There are many subtle aspects to the practice. This course for experienced meditators reviews the basic aspects of mindfulness meditation with a goal toward spiritual growth, exploring levels of consciousness, and human flourishing. 

Embracing Resilience

Stress and adversity are realities of our everyday life, particularly in these unsettling and unpredictable times. Over the last several years we have been in a collective state of stress like we have never experienced before, both individually and as a culture. So now more than ever, we have a collective need to understand the impact of stress on our brains, bodies, & culture, as well as to learn ways to mitigate and manage that stress. Science has helped us understand the biological underpinnings of our stress response and how experience shapes our brains and bodies. Fortunately, science has not only helped us identify the problems linked with stress and adversity, but also the solutions. In this class we will explore the science of stress, resilience, & mindfulness as it supports our personal wellbeing by understanding and practicing the Pause for our Resilience.

Becoming a Conscious Elder

Stories are important and can change people. We are now learning the New Earth story is emerging. We now know that we are one with the Earth and come from the Earth rather than masters of the Earth. Our troubled world is changing, dying and is in labor. The new world is being birthed. We as Elders are called to be doulas or midwives. As with the birthing process we need to be mindful, to breathe, and have the vision for what is coming forth. As Elders we can be witnesses of hope to this vital process.

Free Workshop: Introduction to Meditation

Why are CEOs, attorneys, healthcare professionals, counselors, educators, and the military starting to pay attention to mindfulness meditation?  Why has this ancient spiritual practice suddenly become so popular? Come to this free 60-minute class to see if mindfulness meditation might be for you.