Mindfulness Meditation Training Program

The Mindfulness Meditation Training Program is a one-year, 100 hour learning experience for personal enrichment and professional development. It provides training and experience that equips you to guide and facilitate basic mindfulness and compassion practices. Through a holistic curriculum of non-credit monthly weekend seminars and small-group formation processes, you will grow in the wisdom and knowledge you need to live an integrated life and you'll be empowered to share the benefits of mindfulness with others.

Free Workshop: Introduction to Meditation

Why are CEOs, attorneys, healthcare professionals, educators, and the military starting to pay attention to mindfulness meditation?  Why has this ancient spiritual practice suddenly become so popular? Come to this free 60-minute class to see if mindfulness meditation might be for you.

Basic Mindfulness for Stress Resilience

Science has demonstrated that meditation helps build your resilience to stress and anxiety, as well as increasing your attention, emotional intelligence, working memory, decision-making ability, and compassion for others. If you are seeking greater well-being for yourself and those around you, here is a place to start. 

Meditation 1 – Beginning Meditation

This class is a great entry point to the world of meditation for pretty much anyone. Whether you’re battling anxiety, stress or depression, having a hard time focusing, or simply want to feel better and be present, this class teaches the basics of establishing a mindfulness meditation practice that will help you grow.

Med 2 – Mindfulness for Self-Understanding

This course is for you if you already have some mindfulness meditation experience but want to go deeper to explore and strengthen your practice, with guidance from a seasoned teacher and the supportive community of fellow students.

Med 3 – Finding Our Place in the World

This course is for meditators who want to probe essential spiritual questions: Who am I? What does it mean to be part of a human community? What is my relationship to an interconnected world and an interconnected universe, which is far older, vaster, and more mysterious than we ever dreamed?   

Med 4 – Nurturing Compassionate Connections

Would you like to have more self-compassion?  Would you like to learn how to be open-hearted with others and to live bravely with compassion, even (and especially) amidst suffering? Compassion practice can help you experience more resilience, less anxiety, greater clarity of purpose, and enriched connections with others and nature. 

Unwrapping the Gift of Aging

What if we thought of aging as a precious gift rather than a series of aches, pains, and diminishments?  What if we saw getting older as an opportunity to become more generous, kind, compassionate, open-hearted, free, and wise? Approached with the right attitude, aging can be all these things – and more. 

Unpacking the Gift of Aging

In addition to many great satisfactions, aging inevitably involves losses of various kinds.  These can be invitations to grow deeper as we grow older, developing an expansive spiritual openness to whatever the future brings.

Mindfulness Training for Educators

This program helps educators establish a personal mindfulness practice and bring the research-proven benefits of mindfulness skills to young people in educational and clinical settings. It is designed for teachers, counselors and school administrators who work with students in grades K-12 in public or private schools.

Integral Spirituality

If you are a spiritual seeker wanting to go deep into the evolution of consciousness, this course will help you integrate the insights of science, philosophy, Eastern contemplative practices, Western developmental psychology, and the great religious traditions.  Employing the writings of philosopher and spiritual teacher Ken Wilber, this course is an invitation to personal and societal transformation.