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The Earth is our common home.  With Thomas Berry, we believe that this beautifully balanced organism doesn’t belong to us.  Rather, we belong to the Earth: we all have a sacred trust to belong fully within the Earth community, to tend to its flourishing and so to ensure the flourishing of human beings and all living beings.  To that end, the Earth & Spirit Center emphasizes three key elements of Earth Care. Since “we will not fight to save what we do not love” (Stephen Jay Gould), we provide experiences that invite participants into a sense of deep connection with and appreciation for the living world. Because we can’t love what we don’t know or understand, we offer a variety of courses, workshops, and hands-on environmental education opportunities to foster “Earth Literacy.” Finally, we believe that learning goes hand-in-hand with service-oriented action, so on our 27-acre nature sanctuary and elsewhere, we provide opportunities to do healing work that promotes ecological regeneration and sustainability.

Environmental Tours

Get on the bus, y’all!  We offer a variety of bus tours around Louisville and the region that help groups learn about environmental challenges, their social justice implications, and the ingenious, inspiring solutions that are helping to bring about a more just and sustainable world.

Field Trips and Educational Outreach

The Earth & Spirit Center’s Environmental Educational Outreach Programs are designed to promote within children a curiosity and care for the Earth through direct learning experiences that help them explore the spiritual connection between themselves, nature, and science. On our 27-acre campus of fields, woods, and gardens, and in our historic, renovated brick barn, children will be encouraged to creatively engage the natural world and cultivate a sense of stewardship for our planet.  Field trips can be custom-designed for school groups, youth groups, groups of families, and other organizations.  Email us for more information and to schedule a field trip.

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In the fall, spring, and summer, we offer a variety of internships for high school and college students.  Come work with us to get hands-on experience and mentoring in environment and spiritual ecology, social work, social media, summer camps, and other opportunities to serve others and the natural world.  Interns receive valuable mentoring from our staff and others, contribute time to meaningful projects, and in many cases, earn a stipend.

Land Stewardship

No individual or community can flourish unless the Earth also flourishes.  Therefore, we have a strong commitment to modeling sustainable, regenerative environmental practices on our 27-acre nature sanctuary of woods, fields, and gardens.  Examples include invasive species removal, wetlands, forestry management, cisterns and rain gardens, a permaculture food forest and bioswales. pollinator gardens, bird habitat, nature meditation trails, and an ongoing citizen-science project to cultivate and catalog the biodiversity on our campus.

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Our Earth Now Youth Group

Co-sponsored by Kentucky Interfaith Power & Light and the Earth & Spirit Center, OurEarthNow is a youth-led group that aims to promote awareness among society, particularly youth, and energize a movement to enact both social and environmental change through collective empowerment and action. OurEarthNow is currently engaged in training the next generation of environmental activists through their Louisville Environmental Activist Training program.  This program is designed to teach people interested in environmental activism how to go from idea to action when it comes to creating a healthy environmental future.

Earth Advocate Group

More than ever, the world needs citizens who are prepared to engage with the environmental challenges that impact our communities and advocate for the poor and vulnerable people that are impacted by these issues. This group offers a supportive space to learn about environmental issues and become empowered to work for a just and equitable transition to a more sustainable world.

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Passionist Solidarity Network

The Passionist Solidarity Network is a partner of the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center. It promotes and communicates the ministries of social service, advocacy, and international solidarity for the North American Passionist provinces of St. John of the Cross and Holy Cross. It provides education in Passionist Spirituality and furnishes resources on issues of social and environmental suffering.