Betty J. Fox, Director, Center for Workforce Development, Louisville Urban League

“The structured, non-judgmental Mindfulness Mentors program has been beneficial for the League’s Kentuckiana Builds participants. Mindfulness techniques and tools have helped reduce the stress our participants experience related to work and relationships. One KY Builds participant shared that the breathing techniques learned from the mentors helped him stay calm during a frustrating situation at work, keeping him from reacting in a way that might have caused him to lose his job.”

St. Vincent de Paul Family Success Center

“We are grateful to the Earth & Spirit Center of Louisville for providing this invaluable experience for our kids. Armed with new coping strategies and better focus, our kids are one step closer to obtaining the skills necessary to grow into successful adults.”

Dan Forte

“Taking the 10-week class provided an awakening on how to take the practice of mediation into being a strong, empathetic business leader.”

Tom Williams

“The course made it easy to turn a mysterious concept mindfulness into a simple and generative practice that will serve me for a lifetime.  I would recommend it to anyone!”

Brian Riendeau

“I’d recommend this class to anyone searching for a deeper meaning to their existence, more purpose to their daily activities, or simply peace amidst the general chaos of life.”

Joshua Rose

“The course was amazing and I highly recommend it, as it truly helped bring focus, clarity and peace of mind to my business and life.”

Sarah Davasher-Wisdom

“Mindful meditation has been truly revolutionary for me. I highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to develop a greater sense of internal serenity or a stronger understanding of self.”

Marianne Welch

“This course on mindfulness meditation offers a beacon of hope for those who search for meaning. A balm for Earth and life itself.”

Dr. Robb Shrader, M.D.

“The mindfulness meditation course offered by the Earth & Spirit Center has helped me in a compassionate and highly effective manner.”

Jim Wayne

“The Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation class launched me on a remarkable journey into an awareness of myself and the world around me, giving me a renewed sense of freedom and inner peace.”