Everything is Conscious: Kathleen Deignan on Contemplation, Creativity, and Community

Sr. Kathleen Deignan is a Sister of the Congregation of Notre Dame and a professor emerita of religious studies at Iona College. She’s also an accomplished composer and singer. In this episode, which weaves in music that she wrote and performed, Kathleen shares the wisdom of the Shaker community, Thomas Merton, Thomas Berry, and other spiritual exemplars of courageous, contemplative creativity, who invite us into new ways of being together and embracing the beautiful dance of our evolving world.


Passionist Earth & Spirit Center: www.earthandspiritcenter.org

Kathleen Deignan, CND Institute for Earth and Spirit at Iona College: https://www.iona.edu/academics/schools-institutes/kathleen-deignan-cnd-institute-earth-and-spirit

Thomas Berry Forum for Ecological Dialogue at Iona College: https://www.iona.edu/academics/schools-institutes/kathleen-deignan-cnd-institute-earth-and-spirit/thomas-berry-forum

American Teilhard Society: https://teilharddechardin.org/

Kathleen Deignan’s music on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeyGG2o20TkjWxpDiE9up_g