We Live in a Shared World: Scott Russell Sanders on Awe, Imagination, Compassion, Craft, and Community

Scott Russell Sanders is a Cambridge-educated novelist, essayist, conservationist, and a distinguished professor of English, emeritus, at Indiana University. He has written and taught for decades about nature and place, family and community, and the concerns of social justice and ecology, woven together with a spirituality that is rooted in awe and wonder. This conversation explores the joys and disciplines of spiritual imagination, writing, and a well-lived life, in communion with others and within our one shared world.


Earth & Spirit Center website: www.earthandspiritcenter.org

Scott’s website: https://scottrussellsanders.com/

Some of Scott’s books:

Small Marvels (forthcoming): https://iupress.org/9780253061997/small-marvels/

The Way of Imagination: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/way_of_imagination.html

The Engineer of Beasts: A Novel: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/engineer_of_beasts.html

A Conservationist Manifesto: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/conservationist_manifesto.html

A Private History of Awe: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/private_history_of_awe.html

Hunting for Hope: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/hunting_for_hope.html

Writing from the Center: https://scottrussellsanders.com/book_pages/writing_from_the_center.html